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Individuals may know who The Last Goodnight are without knowing exactly why or how they know them. Their music was featured as a free download on iTunes, and was used as a musical interlude during a promotional clip for the show Brothers & Sisters. In regards to knowing the band in a non-electronic sense, they have been lucky enough to tour with Elliott Yamin and Josh Hoge, and have also toured with Rocco DeLuca and the Burden. The opening track on “Poison Kiss” (also the title track) paints The Last Goodnight as an act that is tremendously influenced by an act like Maroon 5.

There is a decidedly pop sound present in their rock output, to the degree that it would not be surprising to see them on rock radio rotation. The biggest track (the song that individuals would be most familiar with The Last Goodnight with) on “Poison Kiss” is “Pictures of You”. “Pictures of You” is a much slower track than “Poison Kiss”, and the opening piano line during the track is thrown into a R&B influenced backing instrumentation, while the band continues to do their feel-good brand of rock. “Pictures of You” will bring The Last Goodnight fame and fortune, as the track is soft enough that it will not offend being on adult contemporary stations, while there is just enough of an edge to merit the track being on rock stations.

The band continues “Poison Kiss” with “Stay Beautiful”, which is a track that continues with the soulful, pop-laced brand of rock music that has preceded the track. The only thing that could be problematic for The Last Goodnight is how closely grouped the tracks on “Poison Kiss” are; the songs, whether they be “Poison Kiss” or “Incomplete”, rarely break new ground. While this bodes well for individuals that can really get behind this style of music, the band feels as if they are creating a rut for themselves that will be difficult, if not impossible, to get out of. The Last Goodnight show enough talent on this album to make me confident that they could break free of this style if they are prodded to, but I feel as if there might not be enough in the way of desire to do so. Keep an ear to the ground about the band, though, and they may just yet surprise individuals listening in to them.

Top Tracks: Stay Beautiful, In Your Arms

Rating: 3.8/10

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