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The Rosewood Thieves – Lonesome / 2007 Self / 6 Tracks / /

It seemed almost like The Rosewood Thieves would never get their “From The Decker House” released, last year. Originally signed to V2, the disc was only released after legal allowed them to. 2007 marked a new year, and an EP that was in no way held back or otherwise modified in regard to the context that The Rosewood Thieves wanted. The disc starts out with “Poor Bonnie’s Affliction”, and it shows the band’s soulful rock music, which has a seventies sound but adds a healthy dollup of folk to the mix. What results is something that resembles at points Saddle Creek recording artists Two Gallants. However, at points during “Lonesome”, it seems as if The Rosewood Thieves are able to raft a certain catchiness that surpasses that of even the aforementioned Gallants.

“Honey, Stay Awhile” is perhaps the strongest track on this EP. This is due to the fact that The Rosewood Thieves start off the start in a very calm and collected manner, moving into a slightly quicker style only after the act is confident that they have created a strong enough foundation. The care taken during the six cuts on the CD is enough to bring in listeners that would not normally be fans of the style of the music. While the band succeeds on an EP fairly easily, I am confident that they would be able to move into the realm of the full length without anything in the way of trouble. It you want to hear the band that will be the next (albeit folksier version of) Lucero, check out The Rosewood Thieves. They are able to bring forth the American folk sound without having such a haughty attitude about it, something that is present in a number of artists currently in the genre.

Top Track: A Bullet Painted Red

Rating: 7.4/10

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