Young Pioneers – 1st Virginia Volunteers [ADB]

This album was released in 1995 on Vermiform Records with 17 songs.The sound on this disc is pretty crappy, but the Young Pioneers are good, with melodic punk songs that don’t conform to punk standards.The songs are very short by this 3 piece band, which includes an amazing guitar player. The odd thing about the Young Pioneers is that they rely on the harmonica in addition to all of the typical punk instruments. The sound really detracts from what could be a perfect cd, but not enough to make it unlistenable. If a person is patient, they will see how good the Young Pioneers are, in terms of their music and their political messages. The indy-psychedelia approach is good, but it does tend to get annoying after a while. As the CD goes on, the less of a punk band the Young Pioneers sound like. It becomes a good record to zone out to, with all of its hidden messages. The Young Pioneers are so good they transcend genre to make a hell of an album.

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Author: James McQuiston

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