A Whisper In The Noise will release their third album on February 25th

It’s with lots of joy that we finally get to announce that A Whisper In The Noise‘s third album, Dry Land, will finally be released in the
USA. Southern Records will be releasing it on February 25th. Some of you may already be familiar with this amazing band, but to most they are still rather anonymous. Here’s the bio:

If you have ever wanted to make music before in your life, listening to A Whisper in the Noise will only drive that desire home a little harder. The self-descibed “orchestral garage rock” band from Hanska, Minnesota, give an extremely humble and personal touch to gorgeous, string-laden rock music. For all of the pretention that is usually associated with “indie” rock and classicly trained musicians, this band oozes a working class attitude that is ever so present in their DIY treatment of all things band related. Ever since their inception nearly 6 years ago, A Whisper in the Noise, have been almost completely self reliant. It’s exactly this type of hard work and perseverance that has molded the group into the amazing and brilliant artists they are today.

Eschewing the more traditional use of guitar or heavy keyboards that might be associated with the band’s umbral sound, the instrumentation of A Whisper in the Noise has included the cello, violin, French horn, synth/electronic keyboard, bass, and percussion in some variation. The resulting minimalist expression, the unique arrangement of instruments, and the inclusion of visual media elements during live performance has seen the band described as “art rock.”

Having released 2 critically acclaimed albums, (3 if you count 2004’s collaboration with fellow Minnesotans, If Thousands on 2D) 2002’s Through the Ides of March and 2006’s As The Bluebird Sings, each showcased the band’s remarkable growth and ability to challenge themselves to greater heights with each new phase. The band began their musical career sounding like a combination of Nine Inch Nails with the more experimental side of Radiohead. But by the time 2006 had rolled around, they had more in common with a male fronted version of The Dresden Dolls, merging a gothic saloon flavor with a dark cabaret aesthetic.

Now in 2007, the band has composed their most acomplished album, Dry Land, produced by long-time friend Steve Albini. The album, chiming in at 11 tracks and 55 minutes, is a full fledged attack on your senses that will leave you astonished.

–Here’s what a few people have already said about the album:

Paul Raven, bassist from Killing Joke/Prong/Ministry, wrote this for Subba-Cultcha just before he unfortunately passed away last month….:

“A Whisper In The Noise’s third full-length album is a striking and artistic piece of work, full of dark stories drawn on a wide canvas, and sculpted by instruments rarely heard outside of classical compositions. The songs themselves are haunting, funereal, almost oppressive; stripped of vocals, this would make fine incidental music for some Southern Gothic movie biopic, full of mouldering clapboard houses and swamp-bound secrets. But if you like to wander the wilderness, confronting the beautiful bleakness of the human condition, listen closely for A Whisper In The Noise. The landscape will speak to you if you let it – and you should.

VISIONS, the most commercial and highest selling music magazine in all of Germany, listed “Dry Land as #14 in their top 200 of 2007.”

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