Anarchy Club’s A Single Drop of Red To Be Released – March 4, 2008

For Boston hard rock/ electronic duo Anarchy Club, making music is all about creating heavy, hard-hitting songs they would want to listen to themselves. Fueled by their addiction to Kung Fu and Asian underground cinema, video games, and classic muscle cars, as well as a wide variety of musical influences, from Rob Zombie and Dr. Dre to Chinese classical, Adam von Buhler and Keith Smith create the cinematic rock juggernaut that is Anarchy Club.

The duo has gathered an impressive following from the popular video game series Guitar Hero and its new recently released counterpart, Rock Band. Anarchy Club initially appeared in the first Guitar Hero with their song “Behind The Mask.” “Collide” was then featured in Guitar Hero 2, while “Blood Doll” appears in Rock Band. The latter two songs are featured on the band’s new EP, A Single Drop of Red.

Their newest release, A Single Drop of Red, brings crushing guitar riffs, relentless grooves, and searing vocal melodies together into a focused, high-octane hard rock assault. The EP features five new unreleased tracks, as well as six tripped-out remixes of fan-selected favorites from their freshman album, The Way And Its Power. “Collide” hits like a bullet through the heart with haunting vocals countered by an unstoppable guitar assault, while “Blood Doll” goes straight for the jugular with straight-ahead, take-no-prisoners rock fury. The title track “A Single Drop of Red”, serves up a deceptively heavy, hip-shaking drum groove with a head-banging power chorus, delivering both the calm and the storm.

With a strictly D.I.Y. production ethic, Anarchy Club delivers their music straight from their Boston studio (von Buhler’s living room) to the street, pure and uncut.

Anarchy Club’s steady growth as a group can be attributed to strong songs embraced by a fiercely loyal, ever-evolving fan base. With A Single Drop of Red, Anarchy Club makes their case as a talented, heavy-hitting musical duo with unlimited potential to deliver the rock.


  1. Graveyard Stickshift
  2. Collide
  3. Blood Doll
  4. A Single Drop Of Red (The Gentlemen)
  5. No You Don’t
  6. Interlude
  7. Shaolin (Wudang Style)
  8. Behind The Mask (Qigong Mix)
  9. King Of Everything (Kalari Mix)
  10. Enemy Ace (Anarkey Lime Pie Mix)
  11. Behind The Mask (Dopplo Macchiato Mix)
  12. Shadow Of A Ghost (Guilty Remix)

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Listen to a few select tracks from their new release:

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