Bring Me The Horizon Present – This Is What The Edge of Your Seat Was Made For

Bring Me The Horizon Present – This Is What The Edge of Your Seat Was Made For / 2007 Earache / 4 Tracks / /

Bring Me The Horizon Present creates some of the noise-infused hardcore music that has been put forth by a number of acts in the current period. The first track on the disc is “Re: They Have No Reflections” does not give too much new to the genre, but the band does well for themselves by including an all-in chorus with the same screamed-out vocals that are omnipresent. Furthermore, the band shows that, unlike many of the other bands that are coming out with the same style of music, they actually know how to play and arrange their instruments in a decent way. The arrangements during the opening track is diverse and showcases a number of different styles for the band, allowing them to go pretty much anywhere that they would like for the next three tracks.

“Who Wants Flowers When You’re Dead? Nobody” continues with the same general style crafted during “Re:”, but speeds things up ever so slight. Bring Me The Horizon Present’s gruff and rough sound seems muted during this track, but this could be due to acclimating to the band. “Who Wants” is perhaps the strongest track on the disc, due to the fact that the band is able to imbue the track with a compelling narrative that is furthered not only by the vocals, but also through the number of diverse segments of the instrumentation present during the disc.  Bring Me The Horizon Present may only have four tracks on the disc, but each song shows listeners something slightly different from the band. The act may be playing a style of music that is done to death in the current period, but the ability of the band and the talent of each constituent part makes them into a band that should be monitored until that day when they are being blasted on shows like Headbanger’s Ball.

Top Track: Traitors Never Play Hangman

Rating: 7.5/10

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