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Clamor Magazine is always an interesting read, and this issues theme, “Academia Under Attack” is no exception. To be honest, there is maybe a little too heavy of a focus on traditional academia; this focus is merited but seems to be a little dry at times barring the cover piece about Ward Churchill). This piece creates two distinct camps; the conservative organizations that wish to push forth their own agenda into academia, and the instructors that are being fired or otherwise reprimanded for their beliefs. A number of resources are given in the hope the individuals can “know thy enemy” and come up with a valid way to combat their increasing authority. This is not the typical “liberal” magazine, putting up depressing fact after fact and actually pushing the movement into inaction. Rather, Clamor is closer in spirit towards anarchist publications like Slingshot; with pieces that detail the MST in Brazil (a group that is trying to in essence make their own society) and the Olympia Community Free School, individuals are empowered and given facts that show that they can actually succeed in their goals, however high or lofty they may be. Reviews are few in this issue and advertisements (when they are present) fit in well with the tone and politicized nature of the magazine. The price may be a little on the high side, but the fresh material makes the nearly-$5 price tag worthwhile. This provides a little less stodgy viewpoint than other larger liberal magazines like The Progressive and The Nation.

Rating: 7.2/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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