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The first piece in Comix Current is an explanation about the history of comics and comic strips. I had no clue that the art form had such a long history, but apparently it can be followed all the way back to the 17th century. The piece is relatively short but does not leave anything out in the way of information for anyone that is interested. In fact, there is a link to a second half of the article which can be found at . “Hally and Finny” is the first actual comic of this issue, and while the reproduction quality is not at its optimum, the drawing style and story comes through intact. This piece is a one-piece comic and essentially is driven by the desire of the creator to convey a punchline. The next high point of “Comix Current” comes in “Poser” (which may or may not be the true title), which describes a clique’s downfall into obsolescence after the introduction of the group’s invention (punk cards) to Hot Topics world wide. The issue moves into “guest star” mode, with Tom Sidney given a section to work eir magic. The pieces are random, and while they do not have much in the way of cohesion amongst themselves, gives the comic zine a much different feel than if it was only one or two writers working on it. The zine is fun and has a number of different styles, and hopefully further issues will titillate and interest fans for months to come.

Rating: 6.9/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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