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Creepy – The Triple EP / 2007 Teeno / 13 Tracks / /

“The Triple EP” starts out with “The Lost”, a traditional emo track that has equal parts Appleseed Cast, Good Charlotte, and The Red Hot Valentines present. The vocals are compelling as all get out, while the inclusion of a fuzzy synthesizer to the mix fills up the track nicely. The band has made a big splash during the introductory moments of the “Triple EP”, and “You’re Dead” is another track that strengthens the band’s case. “You’re Dead” keeps with the inclusion of a synthesizer, which is modified to have a more dance-punk style to it.

 Couple this with the band’s shift in style to something that is more reminiscent to acts like Yellowcard, and what results is something that could easily be on rock radio rotation. “Torn To Zero” finishes up the “Triple EP”, and it keeps with the same energy that has been present during the previous tracks on this EP. However, the slower tempo that is present during moments of this track showcase the first chink in Creepy’s armor. The band is able to keep the track going, but the slower tempo (when it is present) at points. The next two EPs – “The Gloom” and “Hungry Like The Wolf” – showcase earlier times in Creepy’s career, being released in 2005 and 2003. While I would have liked to have the opportunity to listen to the band evolve, individuals will be ensured of that fact whether they listen to “Delay” (from “The Gloom”) or “Powerless” from “Hungry Like The Wolf”. The one thing htat has changed considerably is the fact that Creepy has established their own sound considerably in the years since “The Gloom”.

 A track like “Delay” has so much in common with an AFI track that it is almost at fault; by establishing a blend of influences and a healthy dollop of their own style during “The Triple”, the band succeeds much easier than they did previously. However, there is one commonality to all of the tracks on “The Triple” – the band is able to come up with incredibly catchy track, whether they are going their own way (“The Triple”), following a little bit of AFI (“The Gloom”) or MxPx (“Hungry Like The Wolf”). The band has evolved in the last half decade, and chances are good that they will do just that in the years to come. Keep checking them out, and chances are good that they will pull a Homegrown or an Allister and get a track or two on the rock rotation.

Top Tracks: You’re Dead, Blitzwing

Rating: 7.1/10

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