Drank Too Much In Milwaukee #2

Drank Too Much In Milwaukee #2 (Dug, iliketodrawpictures@hotmail.com , 414-372-4260– no other addy)

The title of this zine (at least the first part) is probably the most truthful title of a zine that I have seen in my days of reviewing. Pretty much every little snippet of Dug’s journal entries deals with a serious amount of drinking, whether it be “I’m Thankful for Beer”, “Songs About Drinking”, or “Drinkin’ With That Asshol, Jeff”. Where the layout might be lacking (each page is just a hand-drawn title with a bunch of text (no return-spaces) ), the style of writing is what will draw you in and keep you there. Sometimes, even the sheer stupidness of the situations that Dug will get into with make you wince, but you will be reading through the rest of the zine just to make sure you don’t miss the good stuff. I’d like to call this the car-crash affixation. For example, if the reader puts the zine down before finishing it, they are prone to miss the very killer parody of Back in Black that Dug wrote, simply entitled “Back in Blatz”. If you are looking for a zine that is purely about fun, without being sexist or just stupid, make sure you pick this up. While, if you are looking for a graphic zine, this may not be the best one for you.

Rating : 2.5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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