Dave Dumpsterland and The Great Wall of Bagels

Dave Dumpsterland and The Great Wall of Bagels / Half Size / 32 Pages / bodhati@hotmail.com

Whether this zine is a story, fable, or some form of illustrated poetry, I will never know. However, thi szine will probably be one of the most fun times you will have with a zine. Pretty much an amalgamation between a comic and a background-illustrated perzine, the story of Dave Dumpsterland is a heart-warming story about a guy (Dave) that surrounds himself with bagels. It is only after his health starts deteriorating that he actually leaves his comfort zone (the great wall of bagels), and meets a very open-minded girl, who then tells and shows him all the possible foods out in the world (of course, in dumpsters). Absolutely an organic type of zine, with colored pencils and crayons providing the color and the handwriting of Quinn providing all the text in the zine. By far, a zine that could easily be transformed into a children’s book without any major changes to the art, text, or anything!

Rating : 8.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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