Dunk and Piss #4

If you want to know how I got this zine, I would say to read the review of #3. This zine is just as fabulous as the last issue, with a little bit different choice of topics. I am really curious about the writer named Mike Hideous. I’m guessing it’s a different Myke Hideous than the one that sang with the Misfits for the grand total of about three weeks, but in any case, the writing style that he Mike that is in Dunk and Piss possesses is at a really high level. As with #3, the issue talks about the awesome Nina, but I still want know how the editor knows Nina. I also want to know if Glendale Boulevard is still going, but that is a problem for another time. Pieces in this magazine are intentionally short, so that people that have short attention spans will be able to go and not get bored with a piece, an issue that Alex discusses in his random thoughts and short stories for short attention spans. Alex shows this awesome desire to learn just for the fact of learning, something that a lot of people that are in his position just really seem to not have. This is most evident in his piece detailing about how he bought this Dwight D. Eisenhower bust and his search for knowledge after that. I just e-mailed Alex and checked to see if he has copies of any other issues of this great magazine. I know that he did make issues 5 through 8, but it may have stopped at this point. E-mail him though, and he may be working on another piece.

Rating : 7.6/10.

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Author: James McQuiston

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