Dog in Space #4

Dog in Space #4 / Half-Sized / 32 Pages / Dog in Space c/o Jess, 4007 Dorcas Drive, Nashville, TN 37215 / / / 

I must say, I love Jess. I love all that ey does. I’ve tried to help sometimes to help print Dog in Space, but this issue is early enough that I’m pretty sure that it came out before I met eir. This whole issue is like one long stream-of-consciousness dump that was laid on 32 pages – and I mean that in a good way. Jess does most of the rendering of the text eirself – eir’s writing is cute enough to be its own font. Some of these pieces are completely random too, such as “What Can We Find Today?” which is a list of random books that Jess found in the public library, as well as “More Dress Jess Fashions”, a continuing feature where one can literally dress up Jess (although, Jess in a paper doll sense). And, as you can guess, I absolutely adored the little Latin assignment that Jess is using as a pseudo-contest, as well as the random song quotes (which range from bands like Marilyn Manson to The Juliana Theory). Aside from the largest breasts I’ve ever seen in any format, this issue of Dog in Space ends really well, with the cunt-blocking of Jess by eir’s mom (at a bookstore, no less), and a description of why all Jess’ girl-friends seem to dump eir. Overall, a strong zine with some minor weaknesses (literary criticism? Why?) but still immensely enjoyable.

Rating: 6.5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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