Dog in Space #5

Dog in Space #5 ($2, 4007 Dorcas Drive, Nashville, Tennessee, 37215-2210) / Reviewed : 16 October 2003 /  Dog in Space #5 ($2, 4007 Dorcas Drive, Nashville, Tennessee, 37215-2210) Jess is a zinester I correspond with fairly regularly. The reason for this is because of ey’s zine, Dog in Space. Done in a personal style, Dog in Space is about Jess, the workings of eir mind, and the events that make up eir everyday life. Put together fairly standardly with text being divided equally between hand and computer-generated, with graphics culled from a variety of sources, Jess still keeps the flow from stagnating. Whether it be the incredibly informative “Tips on Shaving one’s Girl Parts”, which details the title activity, or something as boring-sounding as what Jess has checked out from the library. In fact, Jess has the uncanny ability to go and make events that would be traditionally boring to read about into necessary pieces for one to truly understand Jess. Dog in Space is one of a growing number of zines who aren’t afraid to break the barriers traditionally ascribed to Gay and Lesbian zinesters; identifying as Jess, a boy, a dyke, and so many other things. It is not in Out!, Girlfriends, or any other of the mainstream queer media that there is actual change and revolution happening; it is right here in Dog in Space, in Transcendence, and the rest of the small-press queer zines that change is taking place. Pick this up if you would want to know about an interesting person from Tennessee.

Rating: 8.5/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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