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Do you remember all of those lounge singers that would go and put their own spin on popular songs? Well, Doug does that with a number of Decaydance artists, which means that “Does Decaydance” has Doug’s interpretation of Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship, Panic! at the Disco, and more. Educated at the Berklee College of Music, it is not surprising that during track like “Dance Dance” that Doug is able to come forth and really create a new song out of one of Fall Out Boy’s biggest hits. There are times where Doug approaches the arrangements and style of the original song, but the inclusion of horns and a slower tempo really tends to masquerade the track as something substantially different from the original.

The only problem that I could conceivably see with “Does Decaydance” is the fact that a number of individuals that like the original song are not a fan of the bluesy, swing-heavy style of Neumann. If the novelty of the disc does not wear off to these individuals, then there is no problem. However, this disc will be catchy and memorable to those individuals that are already fans of that specific genre. The style of music that Neumann plays is not flashy enough to have success in the William Shatner vein, either; with the fans of Decaydance being notoriously picky and fickle, “Does Decaydance” will be a hard sale. What seems to be the direction that Neumann needs to take during subsequent albums would be to have someone like Patrick Stump (who has been quoted as liking the same styles and approaches that Neumann does)  come forth and sing along with Neumann on an original song. If that is possible, then the potential for a cross over hit would be enormous.

There is no denying the talent and ability of Neumann, especially on the 14 cuts of “Does Decaydance”. If you are a fan of blues or jazz, there is a good chance that you will find something to appreciate on this album. However, if you want to hear a version of Fall Out Boy or Panic that is somewhat close to the originals, you may have to skip out on this album for now. Here’s to hoping that Neumann is able to come forth with an original album for eir next time about; I feel as if it will do much better than this album does.

Top Tracks: Viva La White Girl, But It’s Better If We Do

Rating: 5.9/10

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