Eat Sugar – S/T EP

Eat Sugar – S/T EP / 2007 Self / 4 Tracks / /

The noisy, spastic type of electro rock that starts off this EP in “I’m A Carrier” virtually ensures that Eat Sugar will be what is blasted out at any indie club throughout the United States. The synthesizers, clap lines, and coke-addled speed of the track will whip anyone that is listening in into a frenzy, while the sharp sounds of the vocals punctuate the track, driving it into that much quicker of a tempo. Whatever Eat Sugar would consider themselves in a genre sense, the fact is that they have made a splash with this introductory track. “Black Eye” continues the same speed and angular sound first put forth during “I’m A Carrier”. It is the Theremin-like sound that threads itself throughout the song that distinguishes the track from the other fare on this EP.

The band settles into a much more retro rock type of sound during “Black Eye”, but instead of getting loss I the masses of similar sounding bands, the energy and willingness to experiment during this track is what keeps the band afloat. “Sixteen” is a trsack that sounds like a mess during a cursory listen to it, but by the third or fourth time around, the beauty of the song starts to show. The track is shambling and despite all of the electronic-generated noises on the track, shows a humanity to the band that belies their cold metal exteriors. The four tracks on this EP are a strong introduction to Eat Sugar. Time will tell whether the act will be able to continue generating interesting music along this vein, but I feel that the band will be able to cull together enough material for a full length and still keep individuals listening and dancing. If you are a fan of electronic-based dance rock, Eat Sugar is the band for you.

Top Track: I’m A Carrier

Rating: 7.0/10

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