Eazy-E – Featuring Eazy-E

Eazy-E – Featuring Eazy-E / 2007 Capitol / 16 Tracks / http://www.emicap.com /

“Featuring Eazy-E” is an album that collects all of the different songs that were milestones of Eazy-E’s career, whether it be with other individuals or were songs that were hidden away for about the last fifteen years. This means that there are songs on here like “Automobile” (with N.W.A.), “Get Yo Ride On” (with Mack 10 and M.C. Eiht), and “Boyz In Tha Hood (G Mix)”. The hidden tracks are even more interesting, including “P.S. Phuk U 2”, a track that will make individuals wonder why exactly it stayed out of print for so long, and “Trust No Bitch”, a track that even the most heavy collector of Ezy-E merch is not likely to have.

The one thing that will seem different to individuals that listen in to current rap is how Spartan and dry some of the backing beats on “Featuring…Eazy-E” are. Where the only dryness in regards to arrangements now comes with the electronic side of things, every track on here is a much more rough hewn type of backing that has not been heard often since Eazy was still living. The fact that there are some tracks on this compilation that individuals are familiar with will increase purchase; fans of all rap will undoubtedly buy this disc, but the fact that “Boyz In Tha Hood” and “Findum, Fuckum, and Flee” are present will drum up further sales. With the number of different re-releases of older rap albums (especially the NWA anniversary disc), the time is right for Capitol to continue to release thias collaborations and rare track compilations.

There are still enough fans of N.W.A. to make the decision a fiscally smart one, and just face it – the lyrics put down by Eazy-E during eir career are miles ahead of what many current rap superstars could even imagine of spitting. Rappers that are looking to break into the game or release an album in the next few years should sincerely look into picking this album up. This album should be bought especially by those individuals that tend to put their friends and comrades on tracks with them, making what may have been a serviceable track into absolute garbage. The number of collaborations on here should be a blueprint to show individuals how to do it. Give the disc a go, buy it for your buddy that thinks ey will be the next rap star, and show Capitol that re-releasing and collecting old rap tracks and albums is the way to go.

Top Tracks: 24 Hrs To Live, Foe Tha Love of $

Rating: 7.6/10

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