Eleven Hundred Miles Close

Eleven Hundred Miles Close / Forth-Sized / 28 Pages / sarah@killerhandsprojects.com / 

The cover of this zine didn’t make me want to read this zine at all, being only the title in a generic type of font. However, when I started reading Eleven Hundred Miles Close, I was given an extremely in-depth view about a relationship turned friendship between two people that are over 1100 miles away. Taking place in the mind and heart of Sarah, the zine collects all of eir’s thoughts about eir’s former significant other and ey’s new significant other. The style of writing shifts throughout the zine, from straight-forward journal entries to recollections of dreams and even stream of consciousness rants. All and all, the zine may be on the short side, but really reads well for something that could become disjointed so easily. By far, the section of Eleven Hundred Miles Close that impressed me the most is Sarah’s joyousness at sending the individual packages, that Sarah loved “the idea that I can put something secial in an envelope or box and that you will open it and something I have done will have some kind of impact on you.” There is no pretensiousness, no political correctness, so ties to anything in the world besides what Sarah feels for eir’s former love, making this zine a paragon of honesty. Each sentence, each world, each syllable rings of truth, and I could only be so lucky if I could approach half the decency of the original.

Rating : 7.7/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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