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Hellyeah – Below The Belt / 2007 Epic / 120 Minutes / http://www.hellyeahband.com / http://www.hellyeahrocks.com /

It’s funny how many bands are out at any one given time in the metal scene, so unless you are a fan of the specific acts, there is a good chance that they could fly underneath your radar. One of these bands is Hellyeah, which features members of Pantera, Damageplan, Nothingface, and Mudvayne. While the band had been trying to get together and record things since about 2001, 2006 marked their first time to actually get in the studio. The album that came forth from these sessions was a self-titled disc that yielded “Alcohaulin’ Ass” and “You Wouldn’t Know”. Hellyeah continues to stick in the public eye with their “Below The Belt”, a DVD that centers around the album creation process as well as the parties, shows, and other things surrounding it.

“Below The Belt” comes forth really as a documentary discussing the ramifications of releasing their self-titled full length. The different sections of this DVD show the band celebrating the release of the album, going on their world tour, talking with members of different magazines and media outlets, and the like. If you are a fan of Hellyeah, all of this material will make the purchase something that is quite forth the cost of the DVD. However, coming forth as a relative newcomer to the act, I would have to say that the extras section is where I find myself most interested. “Below The Belt” gives individuals a number of extras, including the music videos cut for the singles on the album. Interviews with each band member are present as well, which give individuals a little more of a personal look into the genesis of the band and the creation of their first album.

The “Thrash Talk with Mistress Juliya” was interesting if only for the eye candy that Juliya provides (even if ey tries way too hard to be cool). After “Below The Belt” and the self-titled album cool off in regards to sales, Epic should look into bundling the two together for something like $30 – this would give individuals more of a chance to understand what exactly Hellyeah’s purpose is, and would bring more fans into the fold for the next album that they release and the next few tours that they are on.  Give the DVD a go if you are a fan of the band or just want to learn a little bit more about the act.

Rating: 6.8/10

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