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The Insane Clown Posse split off from Island Records a few years back to create their own record label. However, Island maintains the rights to all of the ICP’s albums up to a certain point, so it’s not that surprising to see a greatest hits album not come out from Psychopathic Records. In regards to the tracks that are present on this album, they do represent the ICP’s greatest hits – such classics are present as “Halls of Illusions”, “Bitches” (featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard), “Great Milenko”, and “Piggy Pie”. Obviously, there are a few hits missing – Island only has the rights to “The Great Milenko”, “The Amazing Jeckel Bros.” and “Bizzar/Bizaar”– but each of the tracks represent the strongest ICP tracks from each of those eras. 

However, these four albums only represent a paucity of the tracks that the ICP have released. Also, there is nothing in the way of new tracks for individuals to chew on, no half-finished songs, no rarities, and no remixes. Individuals that have all of the ICP discs out will not have any reason to pick up this album – the only group that would need this album would be individuals that just want to first get into ICP, or those casual fans that want a quick and dirty collection from the era where the ICP were at their most famous. I can see the need for an ICP greatest hits album, but this would have to be predicated on the allure of extra content –different songs, different pictures, live footage, anything that Juggalos would not already have in their collection.

By limiting themselves to this small subsection of tracks, Island has ensured that their sales would be much lower than they could be. Hell, even the decision to put this in a no-frills digipak reduces the chances that individuals will be able to find this album on the shelves, even if they do want to purchase it. By releasing this right around Christmas, Island will be able to pick up a few buys. However, if they want to fully get the juggalos behind them, go and provide some extra material to chew on, or talk to Psychopathic and provide a “full” greatest hits that reaches all the way from “Carnival of Carnage” all the way to “Hell’s Pit” and beyond. Give the disc only if you have not heard the Insane Clown Posse before.

Top Tracks: Mad Professor, The Neden Game

Rating: 5.0/10

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