Jesse Rubenfeld – Let It Go

Jesse Rubenfeld – Let It Go / 2007 Self / 4 Tracks / /

This EP begins with “Nose to the Grindstone”, a track that showcases the diverse array of influences present in Rubenfeld’s life. The vocals will remind listeners of individuals such as Neil Young and James Taylor, while the instrumentation has hints of Chicago, The Eagles, and Cat Stevens.

“Nose to the Grindstone”’s strongest point has to be the vocals; Rubenfeld’s powerful vocals are what gives the track the momentum necessary to finish out strong. Furthermore, these vocals are what operate as a common thread throughout the disc, allowing Rubenfeld to create music that touches on a number of different musical influences and styles. The intricacies first heard during “Nose To The Grindstone” show exactly how talented Rubenfeld is; there may be four or five different things happening during one second of the track, but they do so without making the resulting track sound muddy or confused. Rubenfeld is thus able to increase the replay value of “Let It Go” considerably; individuals will have to keep this disc in their players while they try to decipher everything that is present during any of these four tracks. “Elinor” is similarly complex; where the track starts out with little more than the piano and strings, the two instruments interact with each other in a way that creates a sound much larger than either part.

When Rubenfeld begins singing on this track, the track is transformed from something good into something stellar. To the individual not in the know, individuals could easily confuse Rubenfeld’s contemporary creations with the most memorable music of the seventies. Unlike music from that era, Rubenfeld’s compositions are able to capture the minds and hearts of individuals more familiar with the music of Coldplay or Maroon 5. The timelessness of tracks like “I Know” are testament to that; the slinky style of the track allows Rubenfeld to connect the work of a Billy Joel with a Ben Folds. If Rubenfeld was to go out on the college circuit, the skill present in tracks such as “I Know” and “Let It Go” would be enough to bring many individuals into the Rubenfeld fan flock. Check the disc out whenever you can.

Top Track: Let It Go

Rating: 7.0/10

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