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Kate Walsh is yet another one of those individuals that have a great career in the United Kingdom but have not made it over to the United States yet. For some reason, the United States release date for Walsh’s 2007 album is in late January. I never understood why record labels hold on to albums for months before they release them to another market. Anyways, “Your Song” shows Walsh as an individual with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and eir voice. Walsh’s vocals on “Your Song”, the introductory track to “Tim’s House”, have a hint of Stevie Nicks in them. Simultaneously, there are numerous hints that are present during the disc that show that Walsh is influenced by the female singers of the early 1990s.

“Talk Of The Town” showcases the guitar a little more than was the case during “Your Song”; this allows individuals to show that Walsh is not simply a good singer, but a very talented musican. The slower tempo that is present during the majority of the tracks on “Tim’s House” shows that Walsh is able to keep a good sense of continuity, but I wonder if there could not be a more “Crossover” type of track (a la Kelly Clarkson) inserted to give Walsh a better shot at the United States charts. If that was present, it would be a foregone conclusion that ey would be more of a household name. As the album is, the tracks, whether they be “Talk of the Town” or “Bury My Head” are smartly written and sang, but may have a tempo that keeps certain individuals from being continually interested.

 “Tonight” is the perfect track with which to start getting individuals out of the bar or bowling alley. The track is another slowly paced song that elicits feelings of longing. The vocals “Tonight” align themselves relatively closely to that put forth by Letter To Cleo or of the (fictional) releases of the early-2000 remake of Josie and the Pussycats. Kate Walsh provides a tweaking of the Rufus Wainwright type of alternative rock, and does so that is just an emotional and intense as Rufus eirself. The ten tracks on “Tim’s House” are solid and work well between each other to create something that is cohesive as an album. Hopefully Walsh will find an easy way into the popular music scene in the United States; the talent exhibited here is simply stunning.

Top Tracks: Goldfish, Is This It?

Rating: 6.0/10

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