Matthew Ryan Puts out “VS The Silver State” 4/1

NASHVILLE, TENN. – Hot on the heels of 2006’s profound and critically acclaimed solo journey From A Late Night High-Rise, ambient folk/rocker Matthew Ryan enjoys the company of longtime band Vs The Silver State for his eleventh release Matthew Ryan vs The Silver State (MRVSS), out April 1, 2008 on Brooklyn indie 00:02:59.

MRVSS is an arrival that’s been 25 years in the making for Ryan. “Everyone I know and love is in this record, including myself, there’s a lot of myself in there. “It Could’ve Been Worse,” “They Were Wrong,” “Drunk And Disappointed, “they all speak to where I’ve been, where my friends have been, but not where we’re going. I want us all to figure that out. I want everyone to win.”

Where has Ryan been? Born and raised in the Philadelphia suburb of Chester into an Irish working class family, MRVSS embodies that spirit, heart, conscience of his upbringing with the muscle and grit that makes rock n roll timeless.

Listening to MRVSS, it’s hard not to notice the visceral, fully engaged spirit of the songs and performances. Gone is the almost “just the facts, ma’am” delivery of some of his previous releases. MRVSS is the sound of a brilliant writer and a careening band fusing the passion, indignation, hopes and struggles of its characters with intimacy and an explosive, anthemic cinema. Utterly human and wide-awake, it’s music that feels like a Scorcese film for the ears.

Recorded with longtime friends and compatriots Brian Bequette (guitars, bass and piano), Steve Latanation (drums and backing vocals) and Doug Lancio (production, engineering, mixing, guitars, bass and piano), MRVSS features guest contributions on vocals from Kate York and Thad Cockrell, Eoman McLouglin (The Greencards) on viola and Kris Donegan on guitar. Vs The Silver State is Bequette, Lantantion, Lex Price and Molly Thomas (violin).

Matthew Ryan vs The Silver State will embark on a U.S. tour in May.

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