Peter Bloom Band – Random Thoughts (From A Paralyzed Mind)

Peter Bloom Band – Random Thoughts (From A Paralyzed Mind) / 2008 Self / 10 Tracks / /

By the time individuals get through the 10 tracks on “Random Thoughts”, individuals will understand why the Peter Bloom Band has received accolades from places like the Ontario Independent Music Awards. The disc starts off with “Afraid”, a track that shows a confidence in the Peter Bloom Band that is rarely heard in music today.  One of the first things that individuals will hear are the vocals, which possess a certain harmony that allows the voice to pull double duty – instead of just providing individuals with a set of lyrics, Pete’s vocals join together with the instrumentation to create something stronger than each piece taken separately. “Careful” has a slower tempo, but again shows the ability of Pete’s vocals.

The wide-open approach to the arrangements of “Careful” could spell calamity to a lesser band, but the overarching style of Pete’s vocals during this track really acts as the glue to make for a cohesive track. “Careful”, and to a lesser extent “Haven’t Hit The Floor Yet” are early examples of the strong production values present throughout “Random Thoughts”. The production allows each piece of the band to shine, while guiding them gently into the best possible sound. The set of influences that are present during “Haven’t Hit The Floor Yet” are slightly different than those broached during either “Afraid” or “Careful”, bringing acts such as Mr. Big and Nelson into the mix.

The result of this inclusion is something unexpected, considerably different from what was previously present, and ultimately keeps individuals guessing where the Peter Bloom Band will take them in the tracks to come. Later tracks, such as “Walls” and “Why Do You Ask”, contribute to the disc’s overall sound in much the same way. “Walls” puts a spotlight more on Pete’s vocals, as Pete calls forth a spectrum of influences as diverse as The Beatles and Billy Joel. “Why Do You Ask” continues the trend of the Peter Bloom Band working to create the best possible sound for their fans; the track works within the general framework laid out by the rest of the disc, but scales things back to create a stripped-down, emotionally intense style. The band wraps things up well with “Why Do You Ask”; “Random Thoughts (From A Paralyzed Mind)” may be the band’s first full length, but the maturity exhibited will easily fool individuals into thinking that this is their fourth or fifth album.

Top Tracks: A Little More Love, Walls

Rating: 7.5/10

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