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Switches – We Are Switches / 2007 Interscope / 4 Tracks / http://www.myspace.com/weareswitches /

“Lay Down The Law” is the first track on this EP, and it shows The Switches as a band that can create an angular rock sound that does not sound like the style crafted by many of the other bands in that style. This is done by incorporating a softer, more dreamy type of style – what results is something decidedly new and fresh. “Lay Down The Law” is a track that will get individuals herking and jerking on the dance floor, and the easily digestible style of Switches will bring fans from all different genres to their cause. The fact that the track ends well before the three minute mark is a further benefit for the band, as individuals that might not find themselves that big of a fan of “Lay Down The Law” will likely dig the next track, “Drama Queen”. “Drama Queen” throws together equal parts Steppenwolf, David Bowie, and the Strokes in another track that will get individuals up.

“Message From Yuz” begins the second half of the EP, and portrays the Switches in a way similar to “Drama Queen”. The band has settled themselves into a retro style that moves into the current period at points. The band may not be creating completely new styles of music with the tracks on “We Are Switches”, but they play a fun style of rock that will be bouncing around listeners’ heads for months to come. The band’s biggest hit comes in “No Hero”, which ratchet things up to the work of a Bay City Rollers or even dance-era Queen. The band has talent, and their upcoming full length will hopefully expand on the styles broached here. Give the band a go if you are put off by the angular sound of acts like The Rapture, but still like a lot of dance in your rock music.

Top Track: No Hero

Rating: 6.5/10

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  1. did you know these guys are on tour with the bravery? not coming through milwaukee unfortunately so i hope they are going to be at SXSW this year so i can catch them there. awesome songs!

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