The Mumlers – Thickets and Stitches

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The first minute or so of The Mumler’s “Thickets & Stitches” seems very dark and brooding, owing to the horns that are present. However, as “Dice in a Drawer” opens up, the catchy nature of The Mumlers comes forth. There are not direct comparisons that I can make for how The Mumlers sound, but the act plays a feel good type of timeless rock. Hints of instruments that are not traditionally associated with rock music (the horns and the tambourine) keep things interesting and provide individuals with a reason to keep listening in. The band is able to continue their interesting approach to music with “Hitched To The Sun”, a track that keeps the trend going of slightly inapproachable introductions. However, the band’s sunny sound comes forth soon after and things are back to normal.

The shambling, shuffling sound of The Mumlers is unique as all get out, and the act is able to link together jazz with jam bands. The resulting mishmash is vibrant, is something that can meander while still providing hooky arrangements and vocals, and is miles away from anything else that has been in the market in the past. “Red River Hustle” keeps things going strongly; The Mumlers step up their game when it comes to the vocals, which have more than a little hint of an Eagle Eye Cherry sound to them. In the same vein, the band adds a little bit of sixties rock to their mix, making for another track that is endearing and completely different from what has previously been released. While there had been previously linkages to the folk style on “Thickets and Stitches”, “Whale Song” is the track brings the band to that style of music. Individuals that are fans of bands and artists like Jena Hunter, Vetiver, and Devendra Banhart will find much that they can appreciate during “Whale Song”.

The Mumlers are talented enough to reinvent their sound considerably for tracks like “Whale Song” and still be able to come forth and have a cohesive album at the end of things. What the act has not broken big yet, it will only be a matter of time before The Mumlers are featured in Filter, Spin, and Rolling Stone. If you like modern interpretations of earlier genres, give “Thickets and Stitches” a listen. Chances are that you will like it.

Top Tracks: Untie My Knots, Shake That Medication

Rating: 7.0/10

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