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“Like A Vibration” starts out “Mission Control”, and the amount of styles that come forth from the first minute or so of The Whigs’ album is amazing, to say the least. Hints of psychedelic, sixties-rock, At The Drive-In, and even Social Distortion all play into the creation of a distinct and ufn track. The fuzziness present on the track detracts slightly from the opening track, but at the same time brings individuals that much closer to the band. The distortion impedes but it also supports the band – if individuals can remember back about twenty years ago, distortion was used in much the same way during The Replacements’ “Bastards of Young”.

Creating a second salvo that draws from much the same era in music, “Production City” sounds as if the band placed themselves into an isolation room and played nothing but Clash albums. A hint of Southern rock comes through with the guitar lines on “Production City”, but the Clash influence looms large on this track. “I Never Want To Go Home” marks the jumping off point for The Whigs during their “Mission Control”. It is during this track that the band’s own sound comes through clear and clean – what results with this track is a twinkling foray into modern indie rock. Linking together dreamy pop music with a little bit of the electronic edge put forth by bands like Fischerspooner, The Whigs make something that is their own. The clapping, stomping end to “I Never Want To Go Home” solidifies the band’s position as one among the best and greatest of the latest. This style continues through “Right Hand on My Heart”. The instrumental side of The Whigs is given a dominant position on the track, making a play for all of the fans of early Appleseed Cast and Desert City Soundtrack.

The fuzz that so indelibly marked “Like a Vibration” comes forth again during this track. Later tracks, such as “1000 Wives”, are essential for creating a style during “Mission Control” that individuals will surely identify as The Whigs’ own. The slower, more deliberate sound of a “1000 Wives” may not be as immediately catchy as a “Right Hand on My Heart”, but the plodding, meandering sound of the band during this track will quickly grow on listeners. The Whigs are one of the first bands to watch out for in 2008.

Top Tracks: I Got Ideas, 1000 Wives

Rating: 7.2/10

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