Tom Savell – You Just Gotta Love It

Tom Savell – You Just Gotta Love It / 2007 Still Fumin’ / 8 Tracks / /

“Simple Game” blends together Karl Clang and David Bowie into something that is interesting to say the least. The arrangements present during the disc are solid, but it feels like the vocals are mixed a little too loud for comfort on this track. If another producer could come through and let the drums and the rest of the instrumentation take a more focal point on the track, “You Just Gotta Love It” would start that much stronger. Regardless, individuals are treated to a solid track from the onset. “So Deep Within You” is the second track, and it shows Savell and the rest of eir band as sticking to their guns. The decidedly seventies sound presented first on “Simple Game” continues into “So Deep Within You”, which provides listeners with a more cohesive type of EP than is present in the current period.

The same attention to detail continues through “Jezebel”, a track that still keeps things chugging along despite its six and a half minute runtime. It is the instrumentation that makes the track go by so quickly, and provides Savell with yet another reason to put the instrumentation on the same level as the vocals. “Play Me” brings back the heavy reliance on the vocals, and Savell again runs slightly afoul here – the vocals are strong in a Cat Stevens type of way, but the vitality and vibrancy of the instrumentation needs to be heard to make this into an unfettered success. A solid EP, a solid introduction to Tom Savell, and if ey could go forth and bring the instrumental levels up, the next EP or LP will be a sight to behold. Gicve the disc a go if you like the light rock music of the middle seventies; one need only listen to the solo present during “Play Me” to see the beauty of the act.

Top Track: Play Me

Rating: 6.2/10

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