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When I worked at Kmart a few years back, pretty much everyone was trying to pick up the “Diary of A Mad Black Woman” DVD. In the meantime, there have been a few new movies released in that vein. This means that there are a good seven movies in this specific story arc, and “Tyler Perry: The Plays” is the boxed set that collects all of them. For around $80, individuals can have DVDs collecting all of the movies, along with a few special features that will keep individuals watching the DVDs long after the movie ends. The case itself is fairly small, and will not take up much more in the way of space than two DVDs stacked together.

The movies themselves are just as individuals would expect; it seems as if Lionsgate has created a 8-disc holder and have thrown away the cases and covers for each of the movies in the creation of this “The Plays” set. For a birthday or Christmas gift, this boxed set will be perfect for any individual that is trying to find something for the Tyler Perry fan.  This DVD set will be incredibly useful considering the next few years hold movie adaptations of a number of these plays, and it will be very interesting to see exactly what changes when the larger budget of a movie is present.

This is not the end all, be all collection of Perry’s work, though: individuals still have to cough up a few ducats to get “House of Payne”, which has just released its first season DVD box set. The 14 hours of footage will keep individuals busy for an entire week of family movie nights (or much more sustained half hour or hour long sessions), so the $80 price tag should not be anything that will be keeping individuals from purchasing it. In fact, the only way I could see  passing on this DVD set if you like Tyler Perry would be if you already have all 7 of these DVDs, or need less than three or so to complete your set. After that, it would make more financial sense to pick up this boxed set. If you are not the biggest fan of Tyler Perry, it may just make sense to avoid this boxed set for a family purchase, lest you be confront with these videos at every turn.

Rating: 6.6/10

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