NeuFutur Magazine Introduces David Crawford

David Crawford was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Centennial High School in Compton, California. David received a full scholarship to California Institute of the Arts and received a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Music, with a Flute Major. Continue reading “NeuFutur Magazine Introduces David Crawford”

Lazy Boy

Lazy Boy / $2.00 / 36S / :20 / /

I reviewed Dorothea #1 a few months back. Luckily Mike, the author of Dorothea, found the review and sent me “Lazy Boy”, a zine about Mike’s experience with sex, masturbation, and self-doubt. The original aim of Lazy Boy, as described in the one-sheet stapled to the back cover, was to “be a gay men’s magazine”. I personally like the current iteration of “Lazy Boy” more than I think I would have liked the alternate bent of the publication. Mike’s method of storytelling is engrossing and plays upon feelings common to anyone that has been through the oddness of teenage years. There is little more to the layout than Times New Roman text and handwritten titles; Mike’s style is what makes “Lazy Boy” so damn interesting. I think a parallel to the gay story magazines that are mentioned throughout “Lazy Boy” are in order; while not only about sex and sexual encounters, the emotions and rawness of the writings here are more than enough to titillate and excite. However, Mike straddles the line between a pornography-heavy magazine and one in which sex and sexuality is a major part. This careful balance ensures that “Lazy Boy” will be able to be read by a larger contingent than the 18+ crowd. While this seems to be a one-shot at this current time, I would really like to read more of this type of writing. I liked this more than Dorothea, which was a solid ‘zine in its own right. Kudos to Mike.

Rating: 9.0/10

J. Holiday Tours With Trey Songz Starting in Late February

One of R&B’s brightest stars, J. HOLIDAY will hit the road for a nationwide tour with very special guest TREY SONGZ. The 21-city tour, which launches February 25th in Chicago, will criss-cross the U.S. through late March, giving fans across the country the chance to experience the thrill of this electrifying performer up close and personal. Continue reading “J. Holiday Tours With Trey Songz Starting in Late February”

Guff #2

Guff #2 / $2.99 / :25 / 28M / / 

The style in which Jeff draws eir comics is interesting, to say the least. For me, I think that it seems that Jeff’s pages are too small for the amount of material that ey put in the issue. Everything is very detailed, and as a result, individuals have to strain their eyes to pick up all the nuances of each panel. The stories are interesting, especially “Europe Travel Diary 1999”, but there are also weak spots to the comic (Oh, Shun The Ocean). In a sense, Jeff’s style really tends to scream seventies out to me; the only current tie that Jeff has with other cartoonists is with Fry (Zero Content)The price of the comic is great for the amount of material that is contained, and what makes the case for Guff even stronger is the fact that the stories are actually well written. What really sinks many independent magazines is the fact that they have poor or non-existent story lines; Jeff’s stories, while short actually have some material behind them. The comic, done in black and white works fine; color might actually decrease from the true focus of this comic; interesting stories and (for the most part) actions taken by the characters that could conceivably happen. Here’s to hoping that Jeff continues coming out with Guff and that future issues will be even longer and more interesting than this one. Make sure to send Jeff a few dollars and pick up these comics; they may just be the berst thing that the independent scene has to offer.

Rating: 6.9/10

NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Steve August

Steve August, Jazz Pianist, composer and arranger and author resides from beautiful Northern Michigan and has performed in the area for over 20 years in clubs, resorts and in concerts. He performs often in a solo as well as a group setting. He has performed with many of his own Jazz trios and Jazz quartets and as a sideman in various settings. He recently achieved a Master of Music degree in Jazz studies from Western Michigan University on piano. He performs often on Mackinac Island, Michigan in the summer months forJazz gigs, Weddings and Receptions in this highly romantic setting depicted in the movie “Somewhere in Time.” Currently Steve is performing in the Las Vegas, Nevada area venues and casinos, as well as recording his 8th CD. In Las Vegas Steve has performed on piano at the Wynn, The Bellaggio, Mandalay Bay, The Flamingo Resort, and Caesar’s Palace, and Lake Las Vegas playing solo piano and in a group context. In addition to performing Steve is a very active teacher and educator. His studio schedule is full with many aspiring pianists, bassists and those seeking greater musical understanding of the inner workings of music making. Steve started the annual SUMMER JAZZ weekly workshop for Jazz Education. This workshop is open to all levels and all instruments in during the summer months. Watch for details on this workshop. Continue reading “NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Steve August”

Protest The Hero Sets Up Touring For The Rest of 2008

PROTEST THE HERO announces that they will be playing the Ernie Ball stage every day of this summer’s Vans Warped Tour.  The Whitby, Ontario five-piece is touring in support of FORTRESS (1/29/08), their sophomore Vagrant release that debuted at #1 in Canada and #95 in the U.S.


Protest The Hero just wrapped up a sold-out Canadian tour with Silverstein and as the tour moves south, their first U.S. date is tonight in Rhode Island.  The band is scheduled to play Bamboozle Left on April 6th,  and will now be joining Chiodos for an April North American tour, before heading off to Japan and Europe. PTH will return to the U.S. for the Vans Warped Tour that runs from June 20th to August 17th. Continue reading “Protest The Hero Sets Up Touring For The Rest of 2008”

A3C Rap Festival Adds New Artists, Links Together Many Acts

The second round of artist announcements has been made by the A3C Hip Hop Festival premiering the legendary Jeru The Damaja, with Southeastern underground stars, Little Brother and recent Atlantic Records signee, B.o.B. Further propelling the festival into the role of showcasing the best in Hip Hop today, the A3C is solidifying its place in the festival world as an event which features the newest emerging artists coupled with established fan favorites. This announcement comes as the second in a series of three separate announcements confirming thirty three acts total to perform at the A3C this year. Continue reading “A3C Rap Festival Adds New Artists, Links Together Many Acts”

NeuFutur Magazine Introduces The Steaming Dookies

Steaming Dookies is an ongoing techno industrial electronic project founded by me, Billy Pfrommer, a lifelong Chicago musician who, for the last 5 years, have been known to most of the area as the party animal side man and rhythm guitarist for Chicago punks Genral Patton and His Privates. After many tours of active duty with the Privates, I decided to try my hand at electronica, and almost overnight, developed an accessible and irresistible sound, fusing all things rock with a techno-funk-punk edge. When you start to explore the Dookies’ catalogue of music, you will also find club, trance, progressive techno, breakbeat, triphop, house, IDM, hardcore, pop and many other genres of electronic music. Continue reading “NeuFutur Magazine Introduces The Steaming Dookies”

Grrrl: A Novel

Grrrl: A Novel / $13.95 / 260M / 2:00 /

Grrrl has a pull quote from the magazine of the publishing company with which it is affiliated. That is a conflict of interest. However, it is meaningless in regards to an interview. Whiteford, the author, did a zine called Matilda for a few years. This book is the story of Marlie, a 10th-grade student (at the time) that jots journal entries down over the space of about two years. In one of the book’s positives, Whiteford shows that ey knows how to still act like a fifteen year old. Rather, still WRITE like a fifteen year old. The story progresses slowly and is drawn out well during the first 240 pages of the book. The ending is crammed into the last few pages, and seems more than a little rushed. The book is about how Marlie grows up from an annoying little teen to someone a little more mature. Continue reading “Grrrl: A Novel”