Daryle Ackerman – Attention To Detail

Daryle Ackerman – Attention To Detail / 2006 Self / 14 Tracks / http://cdbaby.com/cd/dsackerman /

Daryle Ackerman has been around for about a decade; he made his first singing debut a decade ago, in 1998. His second album, “Not of This World”, was released in 2003. “Attention To Detail” is his second album, and it shows an expansion of the styles and sounds that were first broached during “Not Of This World”. “Gave It My All” is the first track on “Attention To Detail”, and it shows a composition that is not afraid to link together a number of disparate influences, musical styles, and overall approaches to creating music. Ackerman links all of these things together to make a radio-ready track that succeeds on two things: the softly-sang vocals of Ackerman and the distinct synthesizer lines that craft the atmosphere for the rest of the track.

“Hillary Tuck” is the second track, and comes at listeners with a much more slinky and sultry sound. The track contributes well to the overall sound of “Attention To Detail” in the sense that it works with similar instrumental arrangements as “Gave It My All”. It is where the track diverges with “Gave It My All” – with the creation of a sound that is much more influenced by dance music than anything. Ackerman raises the stakes considerably with “Half A Chance”. The track keeps things interesting by referring to the arrangements of a Billy Joel, Elton John, or even a Cat Stevens. The progression on this track is natural, allowing Ackerman the chance to do something intricate without being in danger of losing any fans.

The wind-swept guitar that opens up “The Mississippi Flows” provides individuals with something considerably different than has been heard at any point during “Attention To Detail”, and shows Ackerman as operating from a Neil Young and eighties-era Rush set of influences. Ackerman is one of the few individuals that can succeed with a longer (14 track) album; everything from “Gave It My All” to “It’s Not The End” work to create an unique sound for “Attention To Detail that will ensure that individuals listen in for months to come. Ackerman has a tremendous future ahead of him; check out “Attention To Detail” along with his prior two albums to hear an artist that is never afraid to leap over boundaries and other constraints, just to ensure that individuals have the best possible experience.

Top Tracks: Day By Day, Sarah

Rating: 6.8/10

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