Greenzine #14

Greenzine #14 / :45 / 64M / / Greenzine, c/o Cristy C. Road, P.O. Box 42868, Philadelphia PA 19101 / 

This issue of Greenzine is a tremendous read. Couple that with very realistic drawings (also done by Cristy) and this issue of Greenzine is tremendous. The format is of a perzine, but there is politics throughout, most likely an extension of the very political life of Cristy eirself. What is most striking in this issue is the discussion Cristy has about the formation of eir sexuality, especially the fact that Christy can go and see “a man and a woman identify as man and woman while they engage in intimacy didn’t bother me at all…a coercive power structure could be evident in any relationship.” The most important step here is the fact that Christy shows individuals that “queer” does not necessarily mean “gay/lesbian”, and the deconstruction of that thought pattern is essential for moving beyond the dichotomous ways most people are inculcated currently. There are a number of other pieces in this issue, which crests again when Cristy discusses the possibility that individuals can live together (“whites” and minorities) without the forces of gentrification weighing in and pushing out the original inhabitants, much as what has happened in Harlem, as well as practically any other large city in the United States. The culmination of politics and personal life in Greenzine really allows for an individual to get behind the eyes of an activist and understand better the person and the lifestyle. And hell, as evidenced by the prevalence of personal philosophy in this issue, a person’s views may be changed as well.

Rating: 8.0/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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