Guff #2

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The style in which Jeff draws eir comics is interesting, to say the least. For me, I think that it seems that Jeff’s pages are too small for the amount of material that ey put in the issue. Everything is very detailed, and as a result, individuals have to strain their eyes to pick up all the nuances of each panel. The stories are interesting, especially “Europe Travel Diary 1999”, but there are also weak spots to the comic (Oh, Shun The Ocean). In a sense, Jeff’s style really tends to scream seventies out to me; the only current tie that Jeff has with other cartoonists is with Fry (Zero Content)The price of the comic is great for the amount of material that is contained, and what makes the case for Guff even stronger is the fact that the stories are actually well written. What really sinks many independent magazines is the fact that they have poor or non-existent story lines; Jeff’s stories, while short actually have some material behind them. The comic, done in black and white works fine; color might actually decrease from the true focus of this comic; interesting stories and (for the most part) actions taken by the characters that could conceivably happen. Here’s to hoping that Jeff continues coming out with Guff and that future issues will be even longer and more interesting than this one. Make sure to send Jeff a few dollars and pick up these comics; they may just be the berst thing that the independent scene has to offer.

Rating: 6.9/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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