Introducing to NeuFutur … Logan Armatys

“Acoustic Soul Meets Green Eye Blues”. That’s the best way to describe Logan Armatys’ debut album “Waiting Room.” From Houston, at just 20 years old, Logan has created a unique sound that reflects the rhythm, feel, and freedom found in earthy, soulful acoustic music. Traveling across Texas, he has opened for Christian artists Wayne Kerr, Jimmy Needham, and major record label holder, Inhabited.(just to name a few)

Initially, Logan had no intention of creating an album. But Fate had its way. His music reveals the pain and victory of going through and overcoming trials of his youth. He brings the emotion and feeling of previous times into his music. “All people experience pain in some form, but I want them to know there is a life of purpose and hope available to them. So, if I can connect to one person through just one song, that’s it …mission accomplished.”

The combination of songs you hear on “Waiting Room” creatively express nearly every emotion. Just listen to the catchy lyrics and melodies in his hit songs ‘San Antonio,’ ‘Arms of Love,’ and ‘All About You’. His music takes you where his heart is, and once you get there you’ll want to stick around.

People are drawn to Logan’s tender and humorous personality and can’t help but fall into conversation with him at a show. As one of his fans stated, “There was a casuality about him that made me want to go hang out with him after the show, grab a few Caprisuns, maybe a guitar…and just sit, sing, and dance around my living room like nobody’s business.”

Logan believes that people and life challenges are brought to us by Design. He had no plans of his own for pouring his heart and soul onto paper and transforming them into sound and rhythm that move you. But he has turned his life’s lessons into a beautiful soundtrack. Interwoven with love and hardships, his first album, “Waiting Room”, will make you both laugh and dance. A deep, touching, sound that will lift your heart and keep the beat as you move down the path of your life.

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