Jaded in Chicago #15

Jaded in Chicago #15 / $2 / 36 Pages / Full-Sized / PO Box 330, Western Springs, IL / http://www.jadedinchicago.com / 

Jaded in Chicago is one of the only zines that can be a scene-oriented zine and still be hugely successful. With layouts that would make Punk Planet jealous, Jaded in Chicago has something for everyone, whether it be a visual, literary, or simply fun type of content. Obviously, JIC is about Chicago, and while there are still interviews with major acts like Alkaline Trio and Bad Religion, there are also pieces about local acts Duvall, Deminer, and The Killing Tree. While the interviews are pretty short, they also contain some valuable information (as of when this issue was published – quite a few months ago). While there are a lot of advertisements in this issue that really offset the pages of actual content to a 1:2 ratio, the material that can be found amongst the advertisements typically is of a high caliber. By far the most solid piece in the magazine, “Fires-die Bowl” by Scott Heisel is an open invitation for other individuals in the Chicago scene to “get involved in any way you can think of: book shows, make fliers, and attend as many DIY shows as possible. The scene, whether you can tell or not, needs your help to survive.” Overall, the $2 needed to buy a copy of Jaded in Chicago is a mere pittance for the high quality of writing in this issue, and the even higher quality of page layout. Sure, there are a lot of ads in this issue, but you also get a copy of a sampler by one of the labels that are interviewed in this issue.

Rating: 6.4/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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