Kassin+2 – Furismo

Kassin+2 – Furismo / 2008 Luaka Bop / 17 Tracks / http://www.luakabop.com /

This is the third album by the +2s  (each member of this trio has had an album named after them), and it becomes obvious that the act is hitting on all cylinders. Where we live in a period of song titles that have little to do with the song themselves, the opening salvo (“Tranquilo”) perfectly matches the title condition. The blend of samba and surf music brings individuals back to an earlier place in popular music, but there is a focus to Kassin +2 that makes the band germane to current music discussion. “O Seu Lugar” continues the same sedate style of music, but the vocals take a more focal point in the track.

This slight shift in the sound of Kassin +2 during this track ensures that the band will not be painted into a corner, and that the act can go virtually anywhere with the next fifteen tracks. The third track of “Furismo” is “Esquecido”, bringing in a more lively style to the disc. The sometimes jarring compositions present during “Esquecido” ultimately calms into something emotive and bass-heavy; the vocals continue calming the composition and inserting just the right amount of “cool”.

“Quando Nara ri” brings another shift in sound, this time inserting an electronic element to Kassin+2’s sound. Despite the fact that all of the tracks are sang in Portuguese (as the act is from Brazil), the emotion conveyed by Kassin provide enough in the way of emotion to speak through any language impediments. Kassin+2 place so much material on their “Furismo” that any price – $15, $20, or even $25 – would be a great price. Unlike other acts that place a number of tracks on their disc that have no right being on an album, Kassin+2 strategically place all their songs in a perfect order on “Furismo”. There is no chaff, and what results is something that more or less will allow listeners to sail away on a raft of smoothed-out guitar lines and atmospheric creations. While this is the conclusion of the “name” trilogy of albums, I have no doubt in my mind that the +2s have something great in store for their fans. Pick up the three “name” trilogy albums, and the music present should be more than enough to keep individuals sated until that time when the act comes out with their next release.

Top Tracks: Mensagem, Agua

Rating: 6.8/10

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