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Individuals may know who Keram Malicki-Sanchez is, but perhaps not for the reason that one things. Sure, he has provided tracks for “Uptown Girls”, “Broken”, and “Happy Campers”, but Keram is better known for the roles that he played on American History X, CSI, 24, ER, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. For individuals that keep up to date with the latest releases on YouTube, individuals may be familiar with his “Rock Soup”. Regardless of how individuals know Keram, “Box” provides individuals with a great introduction to who Keram is and what he ultimately wants to do on this album. The disc starts out with “Fascinating”, a softly spoken rock track that blends together equal parts folk and “singer in a coffee shop” sound.

The guitar provides interesting harmonies on this track, but it is really the slightly gritty, dreamy vocals of Keram on the track that makes the disc shine at this early juncture. The same general style first broached during “Fascinating” is continued during “Dove Bone”. However, it is during “Dove Bone” that Keram takes on the vocal timber of a Billy Joel, which gives “Box” that much more of a timeless quality. The most interesting track on “Box” is “Forget It, Kid”. It is during “Forget It, Kid” where Keram breaks free of the constraints of time signatures and what is normally expected from rock music to create a unique and compelling track.

The shuffling tone of the guitar hides some of the most complex arrangements heard from an acoustic, while the wispy style of Keram’s vocals place the track on a whole new level. “In The Mourning” is another strong track, with Keram’s vocals taking again a focal point. The harmonies achieved by Keram during this track are mated with a strung-out set of instrumentation that creates a sense of longing in anyone that listens in. Without a weak track to be had over the entirety of “Box”, Keram has made what has to be one of the most compelling albums of this alast year. Any one of these 9 cuts could conceivably make it onto rotation; pick up a copy of this album and learn who Keram is before everyone else does.  For fans of solid instrumental-lead rock, specifically that type of rock that lpays heavily with pop influences (such as Dave Matthews and John Mayer), “Box” is an album that has a high replay value and will speak to fans of all types.

Top Tracks: Amelia, Forget It, Kid

Rating: 7.0/10

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