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Lawrence Blatt is one of a few contemporary individuals and groups that are trying to add a little bit of mathematics to music. The other group that comes to mind that works with the Fibonacci sequence is Tool, but the clearer sounds achieved by Blatt on “Fibonacci’s Dream” more closely link this mathematical sequence to established forms of music. The first track on “Fibonacci’s Dream” is “Bern ‘The Bear’”, a folksy track that is outwardly little more than Blatt playing a guitar. When individuals take a closer inspection into the track, the complex arrangements that Blatt inserts into the track shine brightly. Despite the fact that Blatt is boldly going forth and turning the ideas of traditional arrangements and time signatures on their head with “Fibonacci’s Dream”, the resulting music is something that is very palatable and will surely be something that a wide swath of individuals can appreciate.

As individuals may be able to decipher from the title of “Una Vida (One Life)”, Blatt imbues this tack with a little more Latin flavor, albeit a flavor that is linked with the dusty sounds of earlier country genres. “In A Heartbeat” showcases another shift in the overall sound of Blatt; the slower tempo of the track coupled with the meandering approach taken by Blatt’s guitars give individuals a much different sound than had previously been encountered during the disc. This meandering style is given further complexity with additional layers of guitar, ensuring that fans will spin the track countless times to receive the full benefit of the track.

The decision to exclude vocals from the entirety of “Fibonacci’s Dream” is a contentious one, but the reasoning behind the decision is solid. This is due to the fact that any additional element – such as vocals – would detract listeners from noticing the connections that Blatt has created between his music and the Fibonacci sequence. What results with the tracks on “Fibonacci’s Dream” is a compelling album that does not need vocals; each track uses a different set of styles and influences to tell a story that will have listeners hanging onto every word. I am unsure what Blatt will do on subsequent albums, but “Fibonacci’s Dream” is a stellar album that will elicit many spins from listeners lucky enough to have bought the album. Keep listening to Blatt in the years to come; I have a feeling that he will get the critical recognition that he deserves.

Top Tracks: I Remember When, A Little More Sunshine

Rating: 7.4/10

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