Lord Belial – Revelation

Lord Belial – Revelation / 2007 Regain Records / 11 Tracks / www.lordbelial.com

When true kvlt Black Metal comes to mind, one often thinks of the greats: Mayhem, Emperor, etc. The Church Burnings in Norway, and everything that goes along with that great scene. Well, if you’re into that then you’re going to love this record. From start to finish it is epic and unrelenting. They aren’t reinventing the wheel, but they are writing a great black metal record, with tinges of Swedish death metal and Norwegian black metal. It’s a great overall record with plenty of blast beats, intricate guitar parts and did I mention how fast it is? Two words that accurately describe this record are absolutely and unrelenting. If you’re looking for something brutal and satanic that none of your friends have heard of pick up this record.

Top Track: Unholy War

Rating: 9/10


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