Lucy Bland Releases Down To Sea Level 3/18

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Seattle, WA – Everybody board the ship; Lucy Bland is about to take you through the depths of the great unknown with their newest release, Down To Sea Level. Setting sail out of Seattle, WA, this adventurous four-piece band delivers a seamless integration of indie rock, electronica, and the story-telling folk narrative into a lush cloud that will gently trickle down onto you.

Down To Sea Level paints intricate pictures of Venetian Streets, the open seas, and collecting driftwood through a vocally-driven, artful arrangement of strings, understated guitar chords, and unobtrusive, yet ever prevalent electronic beats. Their uncanny ability to meld these sounds to create a genre defying record puts a new meaning behind the saying, “the sea refuses no river”.

“Crashing Waves” brings the open waters to your ears with gently swaying vocals and bold instrumentation. The melodic cello, delicate electronic ornamentation, and inconspicuously drifting chords lends the song an aquatic, nostalgic air.  Echoing the sound of Mirah and Blonde Redhead, “Valor” combines open, naked vocals and funky, disco bass beats into a quintessentially dark and moving opus. The song is epic without overstepping dramatic boundaries.

Drawing from influences as varied as Cat Power and Hot Chip, Lucy Bland  will sweep you away if you dip your feet in. If you let Down To Sea Level wash over you with your eyes closed, you might find yourself drifting further into a place you’ve never seen before. Don’t worry, you’ll thank your ears later.

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