NeuFutur Introduces….Hoodwink

Hoodwink’s sound has been classified as Laurel and hardy punk metal. Combining aspects of primus’ bass style with funk drums, crunchy guitars and speeding vocals.

Hoodwink was formed in early 2004 from the burning ashes of fallen bands. Rich Johannsen(I feel sick) is well known for his slap bass style and thunderous growl. Mark Winiars (Worst case scenario) has been noted for his speedy lyric styling and crunchy guitars while steve Fox’s(Lemonster)funk drumming brings the whole equiation together. These talented 20 something year olds have been mastering their instruments for quite some time: Rich (11 years),Steve(12 years) and mark (19 years). Driven by there love for music, HOODWINK has aimed at making a name for themselves in the chicagoland music scene and will continue until the top is reached. The humor that is seen onstage combined with the diversity of their sound has gotten the attention of many well known bands, including: Triptych³,Via, Soundmob, Split Habit, Bayside and many others. When HOODWINK takes the stage everyone has a great time and feels sated. With the 3 P’s on their side (Patience, Practice and professionalism) HOODWINK is an easy band to work and do business with.

SXE Magazine (Chicago IL) March 3rd 2005 by Frankie Blowgun “….now you all know how I am when I comes to non straight edge bands, but this weekend I saw the Lemont band “HOODWINK”. I liked them from the very start! This band really entertains and makes everyone feel comfortable. I would suggest anyone who enjoys bands like “System of a down” and “Green day” check these guys out immediatley!! Okay, okay, I know all of you want me to label their style, but that leads to be quite a hard task. In my oppinion I would say they are “Laurel and hardy punk metal”. If you have a passion for music and entertainment I would suggest you get your ass to and see when these guys are playing in your area!”

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Author: James McQuiston

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