NeuFutur Magazine Introduces Kaz Mitchell

Kaz is an award winning songwriter born in Scotland but now living in Australia. She won the first prize in The Great American Song Contest, Pop category, in 2003.

Kaz was born in Dundee, Scotland but now calls Melbourne Australia home. It took many years of writing and performing before finally getting into the recording studios. The result was “The Dinner Party”, recorded with a superb band of session musicians from the jazz scene in Melbourne. Songs from the CD have been receiving awards, including best pop song in The Great American Song Contest.

“Another example of sophisticated independent music, Kaz’s debut is a combination of the nicest bits of a number of genres. Jazz without the abstractions, soul without the superficiality and pop without the pomp, this is like the dinner party you talk about for months after rather than the night you forgot by 9pm.” Liz Giuffre, Bent Magazine, March 2004 “From the other side of the world comes Kaz Mitchell. A Melbourne lass, her first album, “The Dinner Party”, is a jazz-tinged, soul-swept funky pop venture. A tasty musical chocolate box”. Kate Wildblood, Diva Magazine (UK) March 2004 ‘Kaz Mitchell’s album tends to emit the same level of intimacy you would expect from a dinner party. Listening to tracks like Love Triangle you feel warmth in the mix complementing her quirky pop-jazz style. Even lyrically the album tends to cover many of the topics close friends would discuss over a couple of glasses of red and a bread and butter pudding (hmm…hungry…). Try out Someone Else For You for an example of a writer who is able to craft one infectious chorus hook. Certainly, this dinner party is one that you’ll leave fully satisfied and thankful for the pleasant company.’ Lawrence Akers, B News, 29th January 2004 ‘To sink into a Kaz Mitchell song is to experience the many layers that can only be brought to music writing by a mature performer.’ Daren Pope, B News, 5th February, 2004

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