Teedo Releases “You Are My Girl” on 4/8

Teedo is:
Theodore Bilecky – vocals
Oweinama Biu – bass
Saeko Terano – keyboards
Charles Davis – drums
Michael Kratzer – guitars

+ Formed in New York – 2004
+ Self-released album – Luvatomic – 2004
+ New EP release – You Are My Girl – April 8th (USA), January 2008 (UK)
+ Forthcoming full length, set to be released later this year

Sounds Like: glamish pop-rock

Kind words from the UK press:
“The problem for a lot of new bands surfacing nowadays is the development of real originality in their style. More often than not, another band will have got there first and exhausted a particular idea. So, it’s often pretty risky to try recreating a sound popular 30 years ago and give it a new edge. Teedo are an international rock group based in New York who have done just this….The E.P kicks in with ‘You Are My Girl’, a retro, unmistakably glam-rock rhythm that sounds straight from the 70s. The vocals scream Marc Bolan and the undulating synths give it an oriental feel – T-Rex in Tokyo! But don’t think that this is simply a throw-back; it has enough modern hooks to still sound fresh. Of course the synthesizers add a new element, but the guitars grind out a raw reverberating distortion that mixes glam rock with a contemporary indie style.” – Mel Tickle, Room Thirteen

“Whether it’s the whirlwind of keyboards and crunching guitars that lead you into the headrush-inducing title track or the thumping rhythms of ‘Shut The Door On The World’ Teedo ensure that you’re kept on the edge of your seat for every single one of the 20-ish minutes that make up “You Are My Girl”. This is what would’ve happened had The Killers and T-Rex written songs for fun rather than to make money. “ – Whisperin & Hollerin

“The pop world needs bands like Teedo right now – something that’s sufficiently different and inspired to shake things up a bit, bring new light to the often dark and dismal tunnel that’s 2007 pop music. Massively melodic and scarily different, Teedo bring commercial maturity and creative pop sensibility to the banality-ridden popular music world and it’s a pleasure to experience their no-fuss take on radio-friendly pop-rock or whatever it is. Teedo could just be touting their musical wares at exactly the right time; with bands like Scissor Sisters and one or two others bringing some vitality and cheeky pop-ability to our doors, the timing probably couldn’t be better for Teedo to take things just one small step further.” – Toxic Pete

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