The Aristocats: Special Edition

The Aristocats: Special Edition / 2007 Buena Vista / 79 Minutes / /

I still remember that time when Disney VHS copies of certain movies were going for well over $100. It seems as if Disney is a little more generous when it comes to releasing more material from their value, judging from this copy of “The Aristocats”. Instead of just being the same exact movie without anything in the way of extra features, Disney has added so many different bells and whistles to this DVD that individuals will likely focus on these features for a longer time than they would be watching the movie. For the kids that receive this movie for a holiday or a birthday, the Disney virtual kitten option ensures that individuals will have to continually come back to the program to feed and otherwise care for the kitten.

Furthermore, individuals can learn the names and how a number of different musical instruments sound. Despite the fact that The Aristocats is a thirty-seven year old movie by this point, Disney has really cleaned up and sharpened the film up. While the drawing style may look different from the new Disney movies that are currently out, there is nothing in regards to the quality of the print that would push individuals away from enjoying this film. For those bilingual households, ther are two distinct language tracks that one can choose – French and Spanish. Individuals that wished to see the lone deleted scene – “She Never Felt Alone” – can also see it in a clear way, instead of having to rely on a third-party source. This special edition of The Aristocats provides adults the opportunity to show their children the Disney movies that were coming out when they were growing up, and to link together the love of Disney through a number of different generations.

Until the next generation of DVD players comes out, I believe that this is the authoritative copy of The Aristocats. The last two additions to the DVD – “The Great Cat Family”, a short hosted by Walt Disney and “The Sherman Brothers: The Aristocats of Disney Songs” – provide individuals with a little bit of a background to the movie. There seems to be something on this special edition DVD for everybody , so whether individuals are 5, 15, or 55, they will be able to pick up The Aristocats and elicit or create some very fond memories.

Rating: 7.2/10

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