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It astounds me each time I play a game on the PSP, because it seems like every developer and game firm are pushing the portable device to its limits – until, three months later, a game comes along and breaks my expectations completely. For fans of the Wipeout series, this is a direct sequel to Wipeout Pure. This is not a minor tweaking or re-release of the game – there are a total of 24 tracks (12 unique ones, with “black” and “white” runs that run through the track either backwards or forwards) for individuals to play.

The game does not give up the ghost after individuals beat each of these tracks – Sony has included a multiplayer option to this game to show individuals who of one’s crew is truly the best. The number of ships has increases since Wipeout Pure, as two new teams (EG-X and Mirage) have been added to the mix. For those individuals that may get a little tired of the music present on the game (or are not fans of the genre of music that is present), there is an option that individuals can take that allows them to go forth and play music that is on their PSP Memory Stick. While I can’t fathom much of a use for the Photo Mode (allowing individuals to go forth and capture moments during each race) beyond bragging to one’s friends, the inclusion of this feature just adds to the value of the game.

In regard to the replay value of the game, it is only increased considering the fact that there are additional tracks, ships, and other downloadable content for the game. If Sony can update Wipeout Pulse every few months with new content, this game could easily last until the next iteration of the franchise is released. Finally, the game’s best value has to be the music. While it is true that individuals can go forth and play their own music, a veritable list of “who’s who” in electronic music is present on the game’s soundtrack. This means that Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk, Loco Dice, and Rennie Pilgrem are all present here. The game play is solid, the amount of customizable options is numerous, and the fun that individuals can have is off the chart. If you like Wipeout or any racing type of games, give Wipeout Pulse a play. I guarantee you’ll like it.

Rating: 8.0/10

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