Alternative Tentacles Signs Triclops; To Release Album This MOnth

Proggy Acid Punks Triclops! Sign To Alternative Tentacles; Prep First LP Out Of Africa
The Bay Area’s most explosive live act to release anticipated debut on March 25th, 2008

Science fiction authors forewarn the dangers of gene-splicing and its freakish byproduct, but in an Alternative Tentacles tome, “freakish” is a desirable trait. Triclops! (“!” is part of the name) is one such result of SF Bay Area inter-band splicing (featuring members of Bottles and Skulls and the Lower Forty-Eight fortified by personnel from AT stalwarts Victims Family and Fleshies), assaulting the public with the best acid punk around today. Don’t let their pedigree fool you: Triclops! Turns the dial down on the bellicose punk/hardcore you might expect, instead opting for meandering yet tension-filled psychedelic epics.

The band started in 2005 with John (Fleshies) and Christian (Bottles and Skulls) laying down tapes filled with echo-laden guitars and drums, vocals run through broken solid state amps with phaser explosion. The duo attacked noise pedals/tape loops/randomly modified guitars and began to realize the band required a rhythm section. In the beginning of 2006, they enlisted monster drummer Phil and Alternative Tentacles veteran Larry Boothroyd on bass. Positive reviews followed their 2006 “Cafeteria Brutalia” EP on Sick Room (engineered by Phil Manley of Trans Am/Fucking Champs) and a picture-disc 7-inch on GSL. By the end of 2007, Triclops! had shared the stage with The Melvins, Comets On Fire, The Locust, Acid Mother’s Temple, Qui, Dragons of Zynth, Don Caballero, Big Business and many other amazing and awful bands.

The seven songs on Out of Africa, their first full-length, are reminiscent of the golden hits from the 1990s Touch and Go or Amphetamine Reptile catalogs, tweaked out on the exhilarating paranoia typical of America in the early aughts. Recorded by the Melvins’ engineer Kurt Schlegel; distorted vocals, oscillating bass lines, and jittery guitars form a nervous, seasick swath over the plodding drums. Songs unfurl into worlds of their own with byzantine lyrics -the lament of an Iraqi museum curator in one, an ode to the botfly (a tropical parasite) in another – while the music explores variations in tone and urgency. Pry open your third eye with this finest morsel of acid punk-prog.

“The Triclops! version of punk rock destabilizes preconceptions with every twisted minute. Best live band in San Francisco. Provided you like your music unpredictable, aggressive, and more than a little bit threatening, yes.” SF Weekly

“Completely nostalgic and futuristic at the exact same time, combining the best things about the edgy, analog era of post-hardcore. But it finds new, immediately satisfying and legitimately acrobatic ways of putting everything together.” The New Scheme

“One moment angular and furious, while another blissy and tripped the hell out, and still at another just plain super rocking! The vocals are processed and effected, the guitar is furious and fierce, and the rhythm section is just about as tight as can be, churning out an ever-changing, multi-metric pummel fest of pure rock brutality.” Aquarius Records

1. March of the Half-Babies
2. Iraqi Curator
3. Freedom Tickler
4. Duende War (Out Of Africa)
5. Cassava
6. Secret 93
7. Lovesong for the Botfly

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