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Billy Wilder Film Collection / 2008 United Artists / 399 Minutes / /

Billy Wilder is still one of the world’s best known directors or producers. Starting out in Germany in the writing of 1929’s Der Teufelsreporter, Wilder got to be hands-on in the United States as a writer for 1933’s “Adorable”. After these two films, Wilder was involved in some form of movies until 1981’s “Buddy Buddy”. It is not surprising that there is a four-disc film collection release, put out by United Artists, on shelves now. While individuals have to appreciate the style of movies that Wilder was involved with, the quality of each of the collection’s four films (“Some Like It Hot”,”The Apartment”, “Kiss Me, Stupid”, and “The Fortune Cookie”) should ensure that individuals will find something they like about these films.

 Individuals that already have “Kiss Me, Stupid” and “The Fortune Cookie” on DVD likely have these versions of the films, but the fact that “Some Like It Hot” is a special edition and “The Apartment” is a collector’s edition may make this collection all the more attractive. I can see this collection being primarily bought as an introduction to Wilder’s filmography, as it provides individuals with what are likely Wilder’s most well known movies. The fact that, all taken together, the movies equate to $10 a piece should be another reason why individuals will pick up this collection. What United Artists should do in the next few years is create these four-disc sets with different Wilder films, to ensure that each of Wilder’s 60+ films is captured on the DVD format (and any subsequent format).

Having this option available, and having the DVDs with extras (instead of just trying to cram as many movies as can conceivably fit on a disc) should ensure that sales will be high. I might not have been alive when Wilder removed eirself from the creative process of producing and directing films, but a set like the Billy Wilder Film Collection showed me exactly how important Wilder was to the current state of movies. Make sure to pick up this DVD set if you don’t already have the films in the state that they are here; if you are trying to show an individual or a group how impressive Wilder was, this would have to be the box set that is a must-buy. Check it out now, and pick it up for a song.

Rating: 7.0/10

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