Blue Murder Set 2

Blue Murder Set 2 / 2008 Acorn / 275 Minutes / /

After the release of the first set of Blue Murder back in June of 2007, Acorn felt that the resulting sales were enough to merit the release of the second set of Blue Murder. Please note that this Blue Murder is not the Canadian television show that completed around 50 episodes, but rather is a reality-type of series on ITV. Individuals that have access to some forms of British TV (not the watered-down releases of a BBC America or the like) have heard of the show, but individuals not in the loop have missed the show due to the fact that it has not been aired in the United States. Blue Murder deals the nitty gritty of a number of cases, concerning the gamut of crimes as wide as street-level gang executions to children that have been taken out of their home.

This DVD set provides viewers with 4 new episodes, providing viewers with something to sate them until the next two series can be released by Acorn. Individuals that have more than a passing interested in British television may be familiar with the actors in Blue Murder; Saskia Wickham (from Peak Practice) and Jack Ellis (Prime Suspect) are guest stars, while Kevin Kennedy (Coronation Street) seems to be the biggest grab by this show during this set. The special features on this DVD set provide individuals with more of a reason to purchase it; the text interviews that are present, conducted with Caroline Quentin and Ian Kelsey ensure that individuals can get a little bit more context for each episode. The filmographies that are present during the other bonus feature are interesting, but are nothing that could not be found on a site like IMDB.

It is nice to see a smaller duration of time occur between the original airing of the show and the creation of the DVD; where there are some times five or more years between the airing date and the dropping of the DVD on U.S. shores, Acorn has proven that they can cut down this time considerably. For fans of any tense, twisting mysteries, Blue Murder will fit perfectly with their sensibilities. Buy the first set, buy this set, and pick up the following DVDs, whenever they may be released. Hopefully there can be more in the way of add-ons and bonus features for Set 3. Check this set out.

Rating: 7.0/10

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