Crisis in Hollywood – Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea

Crisis in Hollywood – Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea / 2008 Financial / 13 Tracks / /

Crisis in Hollywood consists of a number of members from acts that have all gained some sort of notoriety in their respective region’s music scenes. This means that there are members that spent time in From Adam to Atom, Timebomb, Ask Me Later, and The Staredown. While each of those acts were good in their own right (even though I was not too familiar with From Adam to Atom), Crisis in Hollywood represents a serious step forward for each member. The quality of the band’s output was so high, in fact, that they gained the attention of former Victims of Circumstance and Mighty Mighty Bosstones members, who gave the green light for Crisis In Hollywood to go forward.

Despite the fact that the band has only been around for a little bit over 2 years, the compositions on “Between the Devil” are incredibly mature. In fact, the opening track, “The Fashion of the Christ”, is incredibly energetic while still having a very intricate set of arrangements. What results is a merging of emo and punk rock that, while somewhat similar to Yellowcard, surpasses that band’s output from the get go. “Like A Wave” continues much of the same sound as “The Fashion of the Christ”, but tweaks the vocals to reflect more of an Alkaline Trio influence. The straight-forward, driving drum beats keeps the rest of the band on task, while the vocals have a force behind them that keeps pace with the sizzling guitar lines that ride alongside them.

Any of the disc’s 13 cuts could conceivably be rocketing up the CMJ charts; all it takes are the right individuals to hear this album and the band would be ready to be picked up by a major, or (if they decide not to go that route) being played on rock stations all across the United States. The title track, which ends the disc, is without any argument the best track on the album. The band icksthings up quite a few notches, inserting metal and hardcore influences to their overall sound. Where acts like Coheed and Cambria were able to inject a minor amount of storytelling into their albums, Crisis In Hollywood are able to create an epic that links together Queens of the Stone Age, the aforementioned Alkaline Trio and Coheed, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even acts like From First To Last to make what is the current face of rock music. The act will be big; I guarantee it.

Top Tracks: Sin on My Lips, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Rating: 8.4/10

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Author: James McQuiston

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One thought on “Crisis in Hollywood – Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea”

  1. my band curbside has played with these fine gentalmen many of times,

    not only to i love the guys in the band. i love there music.
    my faviorite band. im honostly insanly intrested with where all there minds go into the writing of this music.
    I also a drummer, idealize Andy, a good friend/ helpful instperation.
    I love to watch or see this man drum
    Adrian – amazing vocalist, draws the bands most presence,
    daniel – great guitarist, very asisting on vocals always knowns how to make the crowd have fun
    logan – AMAZING bass lines, i love the style he brings to this band with sick bass and backing screams .

    this band is a real show stopper. i have seen mouths drop at the over all sound of this band.
    me and the rest of my band alone have created a following for these guys wearing there merch and promoting thier shows.

    deffinetly look out for these boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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