HeartattaCk #49

HeartattaCk #49 / .50 / 1:30 / PO Box 848, Goleta, CA 93116 / 

This is the penultimate issue of HeartattaCk. That’s right, with issue #50, HeartattaCk will be no more. Needless to say, I was pretty depressed when I actually read this issue. There are some good features during this issue; interviews with Iron Lung and I Object, to be sure. The columns even bust out some relevant and interesting information; this time, there are pieces about what type of video camera to purchase (for the purpose of recording a documentary) and a description of a number of types of child-rearing practices. The theme of this issue, at least the first half of the issue, has to be a certain type of weariness; both Kent and Lisa mention the toll that working the zine for years has been on their lives, personal and other. Where some individuals could construe this as being whiny, I think after quite a few years of running a magazine, they deserve a little venting time. The review section is shorter than was in previous issues, but this comes with a longer zine review section than I remember. The issue has enough information for readers to spend hours on this issue, and sets up the stage for what should be a glorious ending to this tremendously influential magazine. I know that this (along with Jersey Beat) was one of the first zines that got me off my ass and making my own zine, so HeartattaCk will always occupy a certain special place in my heart. Pick this and #50 up.

Rating: 7.0/10


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Author: James McQuiston

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